St. Sava Church, Toronto
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The "Holy Myrrhbearing Women" Circle of Serbian Sisters

At the St. Sava Church, within the same Church-School Congregation in Toronto, a new Circle of Serbian Sisters was founded with the name “Holy Myrrhbearing Women”. The new Circle of Serbian Sisters is a normal result of the growth and spread of this church community.

At its annual Assembly of December 2, 2002, in the Serbian Church Center, the sisters of the Queen Aleksandra Circle unanimously decided to transfer its entire activity to the newly built Assembly of Serbian Saints Church, and Serbian Church Center in Mississauga. The priests of St. Sava Church in Toronto were asked to establish a new Circle of Serbian Sisters for the needs of their church with a new name and circle slava.

This was done accordingly. Upon proper preparation, a constitutional assembly was held on March 2, 2003, in the Hall of the St. Sava Church on River Street in Toronto. Over fifty Serbian women responded to the invitation of the Church. Sisters agreed to take as their model the Holy Myrrhbearing Women, and to name their new Circle after these holy women. They accepted their Slava, which falls always in the third Sunday of Pascha, dedicated to the Holy Myrrhbearing Women. An Executive Board of the Circle was elected. Ljiljana Markovic, a pharmacist, volunteered to take the responsibility to co-ordinate the activities of the Circle as president. Vice president is Dusanka Mitic; secretary Tanja Anicic; treasurer Tatjana Cukovic and financial secretary Marija Dugar.

Sister Senka Bilbija, a long time member of Queen Alexandra Circle, as one of the most experienced among the sisters, accepted the position of president of the Auditing Board. The other members of the Auditing Board are Milena Simic and Mira Spasovic.