St. Sava Church, Toronto
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Folk Dance

The Strazilovo Serbian Society

With 23 children, a new folk dance group was born on September 16, 1997, at our little Church on River Street. On the initiative of Bronchia Radunovic and Biljana Zlojutro and with support and blessing of father Vasilije, Strazilovo started a new but old story at another time, with a generation other than the one that started in the fifties, but with the same goal.

We would like, through the various activities of Strazilovo, that our children gain a buttress for their life in Canada, recognizing Hilandar, Studenica, the White Angel, Njegos and Crnjanski, as part of the own culture, tradition and history, in a word, to be highly conscious of the spiritual and historical reality of their own people.

On the other hand, we try to help our children to adapt more easily and quickly to the new world on quicker and easier way, the new world where we arrived and whose many values we accept whether we like it or not.

Therefore at our Church on River Street, Strazilovo has a school for folk dance, modern dance, mathematics, a school for computers, and folk dance for adults. That is why we have over thirty computers, a satellite dish, and a professional sound system and television with beautiful classrooms and a wardrobe for costumes.

That is why we put on a Serbian Fair every year at the beginning of June.

This is the sixth year that Strazilovo is functioning. The crises of growing and maturing are slowly being left behind.